Chairman and CEO Tuan D. Nguyen, ALM, appointed June T. Lazaro, MS, PMP, GLS, to be a Co-Director to our Project Management Office (PMO). June has a degree/professional certificate as a PMP, Project Management Professional. June is also the Director to our Office of National and International Supply Chain Management and Logistics. June is a board member to our Vietnam Investment, Economic and Business Development Board (VNIEBDB). She can be reached at or (855) 702-2262 Ext. 855.

​The AANC’s Project Management Office (PMO) is a team of management professionals that sets and maintains high and efficient standards for project management throughout the AANC. The PMO shall take the direction, instructions, and various assigned projects from Chairman and CEO Tuan D. Nguyen, ALM, or his designees. Moreover, Chairman and CEO Tuan D Nguyen, ALM, or his designees shall directly oversee, manage, and supervise the PMO. The PMO is in charge of creating procedures and best practices that will help operations: Go smoothly, efficiently, and successfully.

Among the most common PMO functions are: ensuring Monitoring and Control of Project Execution Performance; developing Project Management Methodologies; implementing Professional PPM Tools; coordinating Program and Portfolio Management; facilitating and improving Strategic Project Management; optimizing Resources, etc.

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