Asian American Consumer Report by the Nielsen Company

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In the past decade or so, Asian-Americans throughout the United States have been quietly and surely becoming major and influential players in many important areas in the United States and beyond. Please see the attached pdf of most in-depth and the major report conducted by the Nielsen Company, the most demanded and respected consumer report agency in the United States and abroad. Nielsen Company is a leading global information and measurement company that enables companies to understand consumers and consumer behavior. Nielsen measures and monitors what consumers watch (programming, advertising) and what consumers buy (categories, brands, products) on a global and local basis. The company has a presence in approximately 100 countries spread across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Russia.

Truly, Asian-Americans are not to be discounted nor overlooked any longer. We have arrived and have worked so hard to earn that right. Many of us have achieved the American Dream, but so many of us are still in dire need of our help so they too can achieve that American Dream.

We don't want to be viewed as the model minority, we just want to be treated as equals, as Americans. We now can command their respect.

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