The AANC is an Official NGO of the United States Government, a public-private partnership, along with being a bona fide national advocacy organization since 2000.

The Asian-American National Committee, Inc. (AANC) is a national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt organization, functioning as a: national educational, healthcare, business and legal services, political, privacy/civil rights, and advocacy organization.

The AANC is leading and empowering the Asian-American Civil Rights Movement along with our various elected, civic, business, and community leaders, national and international organizations, and corporate partners. All of us should be treated as individuals and evaluated through a vigorous and unbiased process based on our personal merits and professional qualifications (via the content of our character and our own personal merits, not through the color of our skin). America must have Diversity in Thoughts; Equity in Personal Merits; and Inclusion in Cultures.

The Asian-American National Committee, Inc. (AANC) is leading and empowering the Asian-American Civil Rights Movement and is proactively leading, empowering, and invariably providing judicious, powerful, and influential voices and petitions for all Asian Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, American veterans, and others, in the White House, the various administrative agencies, in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of the federal and state governments, and building effective and pertinent coalitions to assist in advising, advocating, and securing much-needed legislations, judicial decisions, policies, and executive orders, for the facilitation and advancement of: economic and business prosperities, social justice, economic justice, economic stressors, health justice, educational and academic excellence, scientific and technological achievements, education, housing and community developments, employment, federal and state contracting, healthcare and social services, human and labor trafficking, business and legal services, immigration and ballot/voting reforms, individual rights and liberties, human rights, legal rights, privacy rights, civil rights, and others.

Moreover, AANC closely leads, monitors, reviews, and influences, on a non-partisan basis, federal and state statutes, policies, judicial decisions, legislations, rules and regulations that are directly and/or indirectly affecting Asian Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, American veterans, and others. Through relentless research, advocating, leading, documentation, public education and determination, AANC effectively develops, advocates, and secures appropriate, fair and just, executive, legislative and judicial (civil and criminal laws) orders, statutes, mandates and policies along with political and community-based responses to eliminate and eradicate all forms of discrimination, prejudice, racial harassments, racial discrimination, and hate-crimes suffered by and/or directed toward Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders (AAPI), Native Americans, and others throughout the United States. 

The AANC, as duly authorized and permitted by law, and not directly or indirectly endorsing any political candidates, vigorously supports and advocates for the sought-after ideals, issues, and principles of qualified Asian Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and other Americans' political and judicial candidates and/or appointments throughout the United States, who have palpably embodied and shown their genuine willingness to foster and advance AANC's passionate and resolute ethos and our Asian-American Civil Rights Movement.

The AANC incessantly leads, organizes, develops and promotes, on a non-partisan basis, innovative and intelligible voter-education and voter-registration drives in all of the 50 states. Moreover, AANC educates, supports, and earnestly motivates all Asian Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, American Veterans, and others to become actively involved in the great American political, judicial, and legislative processes, including community-based volunteers, throughout the United States.

The AANC members also proactively involve with a variety of quality human rights, health care rights, educational rights, legal rights, privacy rights and civil rights services and programs including, but not limited to: professional research and development; bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain; business and legal services; multicultural sensitivity education and training programs; youth and honors programs; telemedicine and telehealth; media, film and entertainment; artificial intelligence; humanitarian programs and services; international, national, state services and conflict resolution programs; faith-based initiatives; special events, projects and sports sponsorship; organizing lectures and moderating candidates' debates and conferences; publishing factual and objective reports along with in-depth analysis on a wide variety of human rights, legal rights, privacy rights, and civil rights issues; professional public speaking; educational and leadership developments; and coordinating and/or collaborating closely with numerous experts, national, state and local leaders from a variety of professions, agencies, organizations, colleges and universities, and corporations throughout the United States, along with distinguished and effective international organizations.

The AANC's management and its national membership are inclusive to all Americans and others. Accordingly, the AANC welcomes and actively encourages all Asian Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, American veterans, and others to join its passionate and resolute national membership, in the pursuit of “Achieving Unity and Americanism through Cultural Diversity." Diversity in thoughts, equity in personal merits, and inclusion in cultures.

By Tuan D. Nguyen, A.L.M., the Founder, Chairman and CEO, the Executive Board, and the Board of Directors.

Duly Adopted and Amended on April 2024

Boston, Massachusetts, the United States of America

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