The mission of the Asian-American Leadership Institute (AALI) is to make the necessary and much-needed changes to our current American leadership so that it directly and truly reflects our nation’s diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To mold our next generation of great, effective, and compassionate Asian-American leaders, the AALI leads, teaches, and empowers young and adult Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders (AAPI), Native-Americans, and others via our various effective and influential national educational and leadership programs and services.

The also AANC provides certified, quality, effective, precise, fast and cost-effective multi-language interpreting and translation services, for all government agencies, court systems, law enforcement agencies, corporations, institutions, hospitals and clinics, law offices, organizations, individuals, and others.

The AANC certifies and specializes in health-care, legal, business and corporate interpreting and translation services throughout the United States.

Our services includes but not limited to: government, insurance, legal, medical and technology language services.

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