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SERVICE FEE SCHEDULE - fees and costs

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The AANC provides a variety of services and programs throughout the United States and abroad. The majority of our funding goes directly towards our much-needed, innovative programs and services throughout the United States and abroad.

All financial donations, contributions, gifts, personal assets and/or membership fees paid to the Asian-American National Committee, Inc., are considered and deemed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Your financial and/or property contributions are duly and fully 100% tax-deductible pursuant to the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt section of the IRS Code and related federal and state tax laws.

                            SERVICE FEE SCHEDULE - FEES AND COSTS

The initial consulting and some services provided by the AANC are FREE for all people, except for a required $100 administrative fee paid by parties whose annual income exceeds the current Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Sliding scale fees of services are available with verified incomes and assets. Some exceptions and limited waivers may be made depending on each individual case, severity, urgency, and the case of first impression. 

General cases are assessed at a minimum fee of $2,500 (along with additional government fees and costs) and are scheduled for an initial five (5) hours, corresponding to an hourly rate of $500 (or more) and costs, additional hours, fees and costs will be automatically added as needed for the potential success and conclusion of the case. However, complex and more time-consuming cases minimum fees and costs can be significantly higher as required and to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

All cases are individually assessed depending on several important factors. The AANC will do its best to help all people, but there isn't a guarantee of our acceptance of all cases and/or of the positive results of all cases. Not all cases are the same. However, our success rates and positive results in the past decades are much higher than the majority of others. We are very proud of this accolade. 

*Please check with your federal and state tax laws and/or consult with your attorney.